Our products and our services are designed to meet your needs and we aim to establish lasting collaborations bringing mutual benefits to all involved. The customer is at the core of all we do.
Our expertise is at your full disposal, including providing you with the tools needed to ensure you have correctly identified your application specifications.

Siboni offers an important range of standard solutions but its strength is in its ability to create special solutions, where the customer’s application would benefit from such, thus gaining a competitive advantage.
Our expertise in the design phase ensures the maximum efficiency of our solutions. We start with an in-depth analysis of the application to correctly identify what the project needs. The experience developed in this field has allowed us to create a software to confirm the design data.
At the heart of Siboni’s activities is the R&D department, tasked with bringing to fruition the company’s strategic technical choices. The R&D department works closely with the production, application and commercial departments to improve and develop all areas of the business from product development to production in series.
Our commercial structure remains at your disposal to assist you in identifying the correct product for your application.
Our application and technical team is the natural starting point in correctly identifying the most suitable product. We offer comprehensive support, from the sizing of the product to the verification of application installed in your machine and its start-up.