Diametrically expanded brushless motors

The DIA LINE series offers superficial permanent-magnet synchronous motors (SPM-SM ) with high torque density.
This high torque density is a consequence of the high number of poles and the electromagnetic design of the motors, which results in the assignment of the specific SIBONI groove-pole combination.
This combination drastically reduces the cogging torque and optimizes the power density. The motors were designed using the most advanced analytical tools available and finite element analysis to maximize performance. Each machine is designed in order to increase the energy efficiency of conversion, reducing losses due to the Joule effect in the stator conductors and in order to maximise the load factor of the grooves.
The line of diametrical engines offers two architectures: a more conventional one with internal rotor DIA LINE ONE, and one with external rotor DIA LINE TWO. The external rotor motor allows higher torque density to be achieved since the airgap is close to the outer diameter, thereby amplifying the electromagnetic force.
This line is designed to be flexible and to meet the customer’s needs in terms of feedback, winding specifications or packing length.
The areas in which the DIA LINE motors best express their features are: industrial robots, rotary tables, machine tools, textile production machines, washing machine sector, elevators sector and ventilation systems for large surfaces.


DIA LINE ONE – Internal Rotor Torque Motors
DIA LINE ONE – Internal Rotor Torque Motors

from 9 to 340 Nm

DIA LINE TWO – External Rotor Torque Motors
DIA LINE TWO – External Rotor Torque Motors

from 24 to 285 Nm

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