Siboni believes that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual elements.
The experience and skill sets of Siboni combined with the collaboration and dialogue with our customers are the elements which inspire the continual improvements and developments within Siboni and in its products.


The software SI SIZING, created to optimise the sizing of the entire kinematic chain by analysing the individual components, is at your disposal. The MSO software is available online at:

Before logging in, please contact the Siboni technical office for a password;
Email address:
Email subject: MSO software password


4NXT, in which Siboni has a major stake, is a company which was founded as a technological outlier for mechatronic systems and supports customers in defining the complete system, with specific assessments made in relation to electric motors and the electronic control devices.
4NXT promotes innovative solutions for direct motion aimed at optimizing the fluidity of the kinematic chain.
4NXT creates integrated drives for brushless servomotors, drives for the control of low power sensorless DC motors and low voltage (120V) brushless AC drives for electric traction.


By combining their electromechanical and electronic skills the SIBONI / 4NXT working group has the ability to fully support the customer from the planning phase to the start-up of the production. In each phase both standard and custom solutions are examined to find the best solution for the customer.
Siboni provides the essential components to manage the application and collaborates closely with the plc e hmi suppliers.